The 3LIVESBAG has three lives:

the recovery of the material and its two faces.

Minimal and reversible, waterproof, easy to clean, anti-snatch, rollable ... Made in many colors and in endless combinations, practically a capsule collection full of vivacity and practicality, a bag able to combine our virtuous spirit and glamorous design. It can be customised on request with logos and initials.

Produced in 3 versions

Small L 36  H 45

Medium L 42  H 58

Big L 48  H 64






The slippers of LOVE/ LOVELY slippers

They are bedroom slippers ideal for traveling. Ironic and fun, made of felt, self-assembling, without seams.
Soft , affectionate and sensitive they envelop your foot in delicate and comfortable way.



The new collection of furnishings and accessories
indoor and outdoor created entirely  with the recovery
of the artificial lawn

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