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Creative remaking

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Creative remaking

Find new use for waste materials. The materials are not destroyed or disposed,

instead they are converted into new objects of better quality.


Our inspiration

13RiCrea is a company that combines the world of design with the ethical concept of the recovery of raw
materials and resources that are reused to create new products, in an ethical and sustainable way
compared to the values ​​of modern eco-design production.

The production , based in Serralunga di Crea in Piedmont, and the name of the company that recalls the
importance of safeguarding for Italian products ,are entirely Italian and still very close to a reality of
regional and manual manufacturing.


Like handmade shops/boutiques

13Ricrea sas di Angela Mensi & C

Via Madonnina, 33 
15020 Fraz. Madonnina - Serralunga di Crea (AL) Italy
P.IVA/CF 02360590067 - BA6ET11

Tel/Fax: +39 0142 940471

Italian info +39 333 2469938
International info +39 391 4890542

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